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Ashniel was a Dark Elf Sorceress and one of three captured Druchii who taught their magic to Nagash. [1]


The King of Zandri, Nekumet used the three Dark Elves to slay his rival of Khemri with their magic.[1b]

In -1968 IC, following the defeat of Khemri by Zandri and the death of King Khatep, the victorious city presented Ashniel and her two companions, heavily drugged, as offerings to attend upon the dead king in the afterlife. [1a]

Nagash made it appear that they had been poisoned but secretly had their bodies transported to a vault in the depths of the Great Pyramid. He offered them the same deal that Nekumet had done - serve him and recieve freedom in exchange. [1b]

Once they accepted his terms they recieved many luxuries and their prison was extended across a dozen chambers. Malchior was the main teacher, assisted by Drutheira for more advanced lessons whilst Ashniel conducted her own studies. She was also seeking to breech the traps that preveented their escape and made steady progress but Nagash adjusted and changed the location of the wards, becoming a kind of game between them. [1c]

Finally in -1959 IC, as the trio once more attempted to escape they were confronted by Nagash who offered them freedom if they could defeat him. Ashniel was the last one to die, able to counter his spells but he managed to shatter the feet of a huge statue of Asaph whose head crushed her. [1d]


Your attacks are potent but clumsy, and your energies are finite. I can counter your spells indefinitely, and when you have exhausted youself, I will make a new pair of gloves from your hide.

~ Ashniel to Nagash. [1d]


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