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Astragoth Ironhand

Astragoth Ironhand is a the oldest living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord [1a][2a] and the High Priest of Hashut. [3][5b]

The most powerful Chaos Dwarf sorcerer for a thousand years, his powers are now fading as he turns to stone. [1a][3] Even his hands have now become petrified. [5b]

Apprentices who fail him are flayed to provide a enchanted protective mantle for the more favoured acolytes. [2b]


He sent Drazhoath, then a mere hell-smith, into exile at the Black Fortress. [2a]


Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Mechanical Walking Machine. May have up to four Magic Items. [1a]
  • Mechanical Walking Machine: Much of his body has now turned to stone and a powerful steam driven machine of his own creation has been grafted to his limbs enabling him to move and even fight.[1a][5b]



I will use Hashut's Blood to free me of this curse! Stone will return to flesh and then I shall fashion a throne at the top of Zhar-Naggrund, from which I'll will rule forever in the Great Bull's name.

~ Astragoth.[4]