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The transmutation of vile metals into pure gold, the noblest metal of all, had always fascinated Balthasar and, driven by his obsession, he rose quickly through the ranks of the Gold Order. Balthasar's research into new formulations of black powder even made him popular with the College of Engineers, an organisation that often dismisses magic as superstitious nonsense.

A freak explosion in the laboratory almost ended Balthasar's quest for knowledge. From that day, Balthasar has only ever been seen swathed in shimmering, metallic robes and wearing a golden mask. Some say his entire skin turned to gold while others tell that he is horribly disfigured, though the truth of the matter is unknown. One thing is certain: the accident only furthered his will to succeed and increased his powers. After defeating Thyrus Gormann of the Bright Order in ritual duel, Balthasar became Supreme Patriarch, replacing the prominence of Fire with that of Metal. Since that day, the new Supreme Patriarch, riding a Pegasus and surrounded by a golden halo, has appeared on many battlefields where the Emperor's soldiers are fighting.