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Bel Aliad

Bel Aliad was a city of Nehekhara and Araby [1a] destroyed by Arkhan the Black in -1149 IC. [1d][2a]


It was founded around -2140 IC by exiles from Bhagar. [3a]

In -1744 IC the Bronze Host of Ka-Sabar marched on the city as part of the war against Nagash and the city fielded a large army of northern mercenaries to boost their city companies, light cavalry and archers from Zandri. This resulted in the Battle of the Spice Road where Prince Suhedir al-Khazem was defeated and captured by King Akhmen-hotep. However even as the King began to dictate generous terms of ransom, Bhagarite horsmen had begun a bloody rampage of vengeance in the city. [3b]

The vampire Abhorash arrived and trained the Kontoi. [1b]

As Nagash sent plagues across Nehekhara, the Cult of Mordig began to rise in power in cities such as Bel Aliad. [1c]

In -1152 IC, the city was attacked by desert tribes led by Neferata, then known as the Sand Snake but when she was impaled by a lance during a Kontoi counter charge led by Abhorash, her hand maidens and the remaining warriors were driven out of the city. [1a] After the victory, Abhorash departed with his small coterie of warriors. [1b]

In -1150 IC Neferata infiltrated the cult of Mordig in Bel Aliad, at first through Khaled al Muntasir but as many were blood drinkers and corpse eaters already, her undead nature quickly saw her rise to lead it, proclaimed as the Queen of the Night and the Charnel Bride. This became a threat to the Caliph and Al-Khattab who sought to succeed him and he attempted to assassinate Neferata. [1c]

Neferata in turn unleashed the Ghouls of the cult and a brutal civil war began between the two. [1e] As the battle raged however in -1149 IC, Arkhan the Black arrived to destroy the city looking for a new stronghold as after the fall of Nagash he had been driven out of Nehekhara by the newly arisen Tomb Kings. Any, living or undead, who did not flee were slain and became part of his army. [1d][2a]


Bel Aliad had archers and spearmen but in later years their real stength was the Kontoi. [1a]

  • Kontoi:Their name meant Noble Rider: Mounted lancers, the Kontoi wore armoured robes and helmets. [1a]



Gods worshiped included the Great Ghul, Mordig. [1c]