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Bengtsson is a Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Admiral from Barak-Zilfin. [1]


He is normally clad in a leather oversight and wears a highly ornate golden mask with a large wedge shaped beard, an impressive moustache and sapphires for eyes. [1a]


He was preparing to leave the pirate haven of Bilgeport when the Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll requested transportation to the lost city of Xoantica in pursuit of Ortam Vermyre offering an augury for the location of a major seam of Aether gold. [1a]

Later he saved Tolls companions including Armand Callis and Arika Zenthe and turned the Indefatigable, his flagships guns on the High Captains and their followers, levelling the Pit and much of the surrounding port. [1b]

He then set sail for the Fatescar Mountains but as they approached the lost city his ship was attacked by a horde of tzaangors and forced to crash land. [1c] Entering the city with Toll whilst his ship was repaired, he and Arika joined a force of Saurus in holding off a seemingly unending tide of beastmen. [1d]

Although he was unable to gain any loot and both he and Zenthe were wounded his ship evacuated everyone before the city was finally cast into the abyss and the mountains collapsed. [1e]


Loyalty? No, no, no, my dear Captain Zenthe Pragmatism is a far more reliable motivator. I earned by mehret, and every soul aboard that vessel knows that their profits would sink like a harpooned tuvahsk without me leading them.

~ Bengtsson to Arika Zenthe. [1e]