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Björn was the King of the Unberogen and the father of Sigmar. [1a]


He wore a bronze crown, his iron coloured hair in braids, sitting upon a throne which itself was set between statues carved with snarling wolves. [1a]


He was the son of Redmane Dregor and Berongunden was his brother. [2a]

Hag of the Brackenwalsch

He consulted her on a number of occasions bringing sacrificial offerings to the god or gods, such as a bull’s heart for Morr. She told him that his son Sigmar was threatened by the powers of darkness and that to save him, and the world, he must make a sacred vow to her to obey her when she asked - which he agreed. [1c]


When the Orc Warlord Skarskan Bloodhelm sought to drive the Endals from their lands, Björn rode to their aid and took the Orcs head as a trophy. He tracked a great beast that emerged from the Howling Hills to its lair and took its head with a single blow from Soultaker. [1a]

He marched to the aid of King Marbad of the Endals again after King Marius of the Jutones drove them from their lands, that tribe having been pushed out of their lands by the Teutogens. Björn's army joined that of Marbads at Marburg and together they faced the mist daemons, barely escaping with their lives. Torphin, a giant of a man and sword-brother to Björn was snatched up by one of them and then returned as a form of Zombie. Only Ulfshard, the magical blade of Marbad was able to kill such creatures and he leant it to his fellow king to send him to the halls of Ulric. [1b]

Nearly six hundred refugees from the Cherusen tribe arrived at Reikdorf, together with emissaries from King Aloysis and King Krugar of the Taleuten, bringing word that the Norsii had invaded. He agreed to aid them in exchange from sword-oaths from the two kings leaving Sigmar to rule and defend the Unberogen lands in his absence. [1d]

He dispatched horsemen to summon warriors to gather at Reikdorf within ten days and soon a army of just under three thousand were gathered. Björn spent the days touring the camps, getting to know those who he would soon lead into battle, whilst Sigmar, Wolfgart and Pendrag organised the logistics with a substantial wagon train with the neccesary supplies and tradesmen to maintain the army in the field. [1e]

The combined army of 7000 met the 6000 of the Norse in battle in the foothills east of the Middle Mountains and defeated them but the Warlord of the enemy managed to retreat with many of his warriors to a wooded ridgeline - giving them a good defensive position. [1f] The night before the next battle he was visited in his tent by the soul of the Hag who told him his son was going to be attacked by a trusted friend and that to save him he must meet the warlord of the Norse host in battle. [1g]

At the height of the battle against the Norse, he fought his way to confront the enemy warlord, leaving his bodyguards who struggled to keep up with him. Björn defeated him, cutting his head off with his axe but was then overwhelmed with by the fallen lords champion and his mortally wounded body was tended to as the mounds of the dead northman were burnt as offerings to Ulric. [1h]

His spirit left his body and travelled to aid his son who was wandering the Grey Vaults, killing a Daemon who was overwhelming him. They then set out for the mountain range where the gate to the realm of Morr was located. [1h]

When they reached the mountains, a vast portal formed which attracted vast numbers of the lost souls, many in monsterous forms. There they were confronted by the soulf of the Norse warlord that Björn had just slain in battle and who was now a deamon. As an army gathered around the red daemon, he offered Björn the chance to return to the world of the living if he would stand aside and let him take the soul of Sigmar. [1i]

Björn refused and hundreds of fallen warriors of the Unberogen joined him to fight off the deamons and allow the king as his son to fight their way to the portal. [1i] They smashed through the enemy and whilst Sigmar returned to the world, Björn and his warriors entered the realm of Morr. [1j]

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