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Amphisbaena2.jpg This article is about the Dark Elf floating fortresses;
for the Skaven artefact, consult Black Arc.

Black Arks are floating naval strongholds and fortresses of the Dark Elves. They act as seaports for the raiding Dark Elf Fleets.[7a]


Every Black Ark is presumably unique, but most seem to be the size of a small city, vest fortresses covered in eldritch runes that hurt the eye to gaze upon. Below the surface of the sea, they are even larger with glowing caves lit by witchlight where monsters are kept for battle, supplemented when necessary from hunts in the Boiling Sea.[7a][14a]


As Malekith's mad attempt to unravel the magical Vortex failed, Ulthuan suffered a magical backlash. Massive earthquakes resulted in gigantic Tsunamis which inundated and devastated the realms of Nagarythe and Tiranoc. The sorcerers of the Dark Elves managed to save themselves through magic, by detaching the towers of their palaces and enabling them to float upon water. Using them as ships the Dark Elves managed to escape and sail to Naggaroth. These towers were later named Black Arks.[7a]

Some of them were beached, becoming the core of new Dark Elf cities, while others continue to sail through the seas and oceans till this day.[7a]


  • Shrine to Khaine: Every Black Ark has a shrine to the Lord of Murder.[5h]


Black Arks sail across all the known oceans, and being so large and powerful are able to raid with virtual impunity, gathering huge quantities of slaves to service the insatiable need at home. Those that seek to bring them battle must face not only the sheer scale of the floating castle and its mighty garrison but also powerful magic and shoals of sea monsters.[7a]

The Arks are further protected by a shimmering magical fog that can bewilder enemy crews that get too close.[7a] As an enemy approaches them, they hear insane laughter and groans of pleasure whilst phantoms emerge from the mist to bewilder them.[14a]

Known Black Arks

Their exact number is unknown but some Black Arks have been destroyed.

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