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Black Orcs

Black Orcs are the biggest and strongest of all Orcs, and get their name from their dour, grim demeanour as much as from the colour of their skin, which is extremely dark green or black. They are bigger and stronger than normal Orcs and pride themselves on being the best fighters of all. They are more disciplined than other Orcs and have better equipment. Many of their fearsome weapons are captured in battle, and carried as a mark of their self-evident superiority, while others are paid in tribute by subjugated tribes. Black Orcs are the greatest among a race already bred for battle; injuries are ignored and enemies crushed beneath a walking mass of green muscle and heavy armor. The greatest of Black Orcs is Grimgor Ironhide and his mighty Immortulz.


The origins of the Black Orcs are shrouded in mystery, but some maintain they were created by the Chaos Dwarfs of the Dark Lands, perhaps to serve as slaves or warriors. Certainly, the Black Orcs' sturdy constitution would allow them to prosper in the harsh land of the Chaos Dwarfs where other Greenskins workers would perish. They first appeared in the Old World during Sigmar's time, as a whole tribe crossed the Worlds Edge Mountains and conquered other Orcs living in the hills to the northwest of Stirland. When Sigmar first united the Men of the middle Old World into the Empire, he first had to drive out the Orcs and Goblins that lived there. Those battles against the Black Orcs were by far the hardest fought, and only won at terrible cost to Sigmar's armies.


Black Orcs regard other Orcs and Goblins with contempt, especially Goblins, who are always running away instead of standing and fighting. In battle, Black Orcs keep a constant eye out for bickering in the ranks, and it takes little more than a dark scowl or a throaty growl from a single Black Orc to bring the lesser Greenskins into line. Should that fail, Black Orcs are perfectly willing, and exceptionally able, to wade in and smash some heads together, thus restoring order "quick-smart" at the insignificant cost of the lives of the wrongdoers.

Black Orc Miniatures and Gallery

N.B. In 2007, new Black Orc miniatures were released in plastic, sculpted using Games Workshops new computer sculpting technology. These were based on the same basic design as the previous metal Black Orcs. A new metal generic Black Orc Boss model was released alongside the new plastics in the summer of 2007.