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Brrak Gorehorn

Brrak Gorehorn was a Beastlord of the Great Forest. [1a]


Having been warned by his Bray Shaman's of a threat to the Six Spikes, a sacred site at the heart of the forest, Brrak led his herd to the Spikes and discovered to his fury Skaven trying to steal the massive monoliths. Immediately he and his warriors tore into them, slaughtering hundreds above ground before they continued the killing belowground. They then took the dead and dying as a great offering to the Spikes in a three day ritual, finally unleashing a great wave of magic from them. [1a]

However Balthasar Gelt rode to aid the Empire army that attacked the Spikes and the still gathering Beastmen horde. Taking control of the huge energies, he unleashed a golden orb that transformed all the Beastmen into statues where they still remain. [1a]