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Bullgors are massive bull-headed humanoid creatures belonging to the Warherds faction. They have muscular frame and are twice the height of a man.[1] Every Bullgor possesses great blood thirst so gobble down any meat that can reach - often doing it even on the battlefield. Bullgors have little clothes on them, wear medium armour and fight with an one-handed axe and a shield or with a two-handed axes. Leaders of Bullgors units are called Bloodkine. When in warherds Bullgors are often led by Doombull - especially big and bloodthirsty Bullgor.[2]


Not since my Reforging have I known such all-consuming ferocity. Their charge hit us like a tidal wave, and we were hard pressed to hold it back.

~ Lord-Celestant Bordustrian, the Hammers of Sigmar[2]