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The Chaos Dwarf Fleet is a powerful navy based in the dark city of Mingol Zharr-Naggrund. [1a]

Chaos Dwarf war fleets are comprised of immense ships carrying huge mortars and rocket luanchers escorted by smaller vessels with rams. They are normally based at the capital but on occasion a migthy fleet is dispatched from the black city to make the long journey to the open sea. [1c]

To reach the ocean, the fleet travels north, through the Seas of Chaos to the Sea of Claws or south to the Sea of Despair. The third route is via the River Ruin but travel west is blocked by a High Elf blockade based around the Fortress of the Dawn, so the fleets must sail east or make do with plundering the Southlands. [1c]

Air Power

Admirals also enlist Great Taurus Riders to attack enemy fleets from the air, potentially running riot through their ships, tearing apart the crew and sinking entire vessels. [2a] To defend themselves against enemy flyers, Chaos Dwarfs rely on ship mounted rocket batteries. [2b]


The Chaos Dwarf Lord Abnagg Hellbeard gathered a mighty armada to try and destroy the Fortress of the Dawn which blocks the Chaos Dwarf access to the Old World. [1a] Yet, after several years of a brutal siege, the elf citadel still held firm. [1b]

Ship Types

The ships of the Chaos Dwarfs are powered by infernal engines and inevitably made of black iron, embelished with gilt runes of their gods. [1d]




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