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Chaos Warhound

A pack of Chaos Warhounds.[2]

Chaos Warhounds are canines warped by Chaos, with over-muscled bodies and maws accommodating an unnatural number of fangs. They are bloodthirsty beasts, but they are not brave enough to attack anything stronger than themselves. When in combat, they run tirelessly towards the small and fractured groups of enemy, running ahead of infantry and alongside Chaos Knights or Razorgors, before pouncing upon the foes and ripping them apart.

These beasts are used by both Chaos Warriors and Beastmen. Needless to say, they are ranked beneath Marauders and Gors, lacking equipment and chased away quite easily. While their mutations can't give them the strength, resilience or armour of Chaos Warriors, they are cunning enough to easily dodge enemy blows and strike back at the right time, bypassing their defences and ripping enemies apart.[1]