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Children of the Horned Rat

Children of the Horned Rat
Children of the Horned Rat cover 001.jpg
Editor(s) V3 Studios
CoverĀ Artist Andrea Uderzo and Scott Purdy
Released 2006
Pages 128
ISBN 978-1-84426-307-6

Children of the Horned Rat: A Guide to Skaven is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) published by Black Industries.


  • Introduction:
  • Chapter One: The Skaven are real and they are among us!: Legends, stories and chronicles of the Skaven.
  • Chapter Two: Skaven History.
  • Chapter Three: Skaven Society.
  • Chapter Four: Skaven Settlements.
  • Chapter Five: Skaven Warfare
  • Chapter Six: Skaven Characters
  • Chapter Seven: A Skaven Campaign
  • Chapter Eight: Slaves of Destiny (adventure)
  • Index


The chittering hordes and strength of the Skaven are the Clanrats. They fill-fill our domain to bursting. It is their duty to die-die for us. Often is there need, and often do they give.

~ Grey Seer Skreelin Thurntik.