Citadel Catalogue 2010

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Citadel Catalogue 2010
Citadel Catalogue 2010 cover.jpg
Released June 2010
Pages 624


Full to bursting with gorgeous photos of Citadel miniatures painted by the world-renowned ‘Eavy Metal Team and containing thousands of pictures for you to pore over, the Citadel Catalogue is the perfect resource for any hobbyist and collector who wants to delve into the fantastic miniatures available. If you’re looking for a specific ‘bit’ to complete your dream conversion, want to search out a particular model to finish off your collection or if you just fancy a leisurely browse through the current ranges in all their glory, then this is most certainly the book for you. A great resource for painters who want to get their colour scheme just right and for collectors new and old, the Citadel Catalogue 2010 is a must-have addition to your Games Workshop library..