Cripple Peak

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Cripple Peak is a sundered mountain in the Worlds Edge Mountains near the Sour Sea. [1a]

Nagashizzar is the stronghold of Nagash that was constructed within the mountain. [1a] [2a]


Nomadic tribes from the Northern steepes first used Cripple Peak to shelter beneath in the winter, calling it Ur-Haamas- the Hearth-stone. as they grew stronger, it became Agha-Dhakum - the Place of justice and a 1000 years later, Agha-Rhul - the Place of Oaths with the tribes settling permanently in the area creating a sprawling city [4a] and building a small empire around the what had been the Crystal Sea. However one night a huge warpstone meteor struck the mountain, shattering it and burying itself at its heart. [2b]

Witnessing the fall of the star-stone and the devestation it caused, the High Chieftain and his people offered up sacrifices and named themselves the Yaghur- The Faithful and the shattered mountain - Khad-tur-Maghran - the Throne of the Heavens. [4a]

The Yaghur built a temple-city, using the warpstone to carve out a kingdom but the soon brutal civil war raged, devestating the city before an exiled prince arrived with a new god, Malakh. The remaining nobles were sacrificed to the Master of the Fourfold Path. However, it was not long before repression triggered a new civil war and the Yaghur split into two peoples - the Forsaken who sought to sacrifice to Malakh all those who who still called themselves the Yaghur. War raged between the two. [3a]

In -1600 IC Nagash arrived and first lived like a hermit on the caves in the mountain, exploring the mountain until he discovered the warpstone and began experimenting with it, transforming himself and perfecting his necromantic magic. When he was ready in -1500 IC he took control of the local tribes, slaying any shaman with a single word that did not flee. He sowly built a empire on its shores formed of the dead and the local tribesmen who now saw him as a god and who sent him offerings of their fairest maidens and youths to appease him. Over the next few centuries the small villages grew to become small towns and at its heart was the great fortress of Nagashizzar. [2b] [2c]

Around the year -1300 IC the Skaven discovered the great Warpstone meteor was at the heart of the mountain but also that it was the domain of the Great Necromancer Nagash. Withn its depths, the undead mined without pause, gathering the warpstone for the necromancer who used it to boost his power and help build his empire. Using tactics that had worked against the Dwarfs, the Grey Lords unleashed thousands of skaven clanrats to invade from below but the undead and their master fought back and the war quickly became a brutal stalemate. [1a]

Around the year -1200 IC, [1b] Nagash offered a pact with the Council of Thirteen, offering warpstone for their aid in certain tasks and for a time an uneasy peace was maintained. When the Council finally discovered his long term plans to envelope the world in the dead, they enacted a desperate plan, equipping a prisoner held by Nagash with the newly forged Fellblade. Nagash was struck down and his body thrown into the warpstone forges and Clan Rikek took possession of the stronghold and its mines for centuries to come. [1a]

However, Nagash returned around the year 100 IC [1b] and in a single night slaughtered the entire clan, reclaiming Cripple Peak for himself. [1a]