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Crooked Moon Tribe

The Crooked Moon are a Night Goblin tribe that was in control of Karak Eight Peaks. They brought forth Skarsnik, their most famous member.[1]


Under Skarsnik the Crooked Moon became the most important tribe in a confederation of Night Goblins. As they increased in power, so did the fighting with nearby dwarf and greenskin armies alike. In the year 2498 IC the Crooked Moon under the command of Skarsnik ambushed a dwarf army in the Mad Dog Pass, which later became known as the Battle of the Jaws (named after the greenskin formations that enclosed the dwarfs. In the following Battle of East Gate, they managed to wipe out about half of the dwarf troops, but the other half managed to get into the citadel hold of Karak Eight Peaks. The citadel remains under constant attack, and Skarsnik also launched huge raids against Barak Varr and Karak Azul over the next three summers following the Battle of the East Gate.[2]