Crypt Horror in the Mortal Realms

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Crypt Horrors are malformed monstrosities created by the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings from the Mortal Realms. Their shambling forms have a hideous, wiry musculature, clawed feet and are covered in boils and scars with ruptured, tendon-exposed flesh along heir spine. They fight with either clubs or their septic talons, that can easily rip through their enemies which they are eager to shove into their gaping maws. Due to the blessings of their masters their own flesh heals quickly.[2][3]

They are a rare sight mostly seen in times of open war marching alongside the armies of the Ghoul Kings, blessed by the blood of their abhorrant masters. Their are lead into battle by Crypt Haunters.[2][3] In the depths of their delusion, they believe themselves to be noble Knights, charging into battle alongside their kings. Here, their supernatural and twisted biology comes into use, each sweep of their sharp, gore-crusted claws tearing open throats. [1]