Cult of Huanchi

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The Cult of Huanchi is the organised worship of the God and Old One, Huanchi. [1a]


In the early 2400s IC, Dark Elves from Hag Graef entered the Forests of the Viper and the Blood Pyramid within, stealing a Dawnstone from its vaults. A force from Hexoatl was dispatched to regain the artefact and whilst the Witch Elves were performing their sanguinary rites on the shore of the Witch Sea, the servants of the Jaguar god struck. Most were killed, but a few Dark Elves survived only to be hunted down, with the last being slaughtered at the Pits of Zardok. [1a]

Sacred Hosts of Huanchi


The gods & goddesses of the Lizardmen
Chotec - Huanchi- Itzl - Quatl - Sotek - Tepok - Tlaxcotl - Tzunki - Xapati