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Cult of Tzunki

The Cult of Tzunki is the organised worship of the Lizardmen god Tzunki.

Blessed Spawnings

They have a great afinity for water and are their scales are often sea green in colour. [1a]


  • Blessed Pyramid of Tzunki in Tlaxtlan which contains a outline of the World Pond but it is unclear if it shows what the world was or how it should be. The interior of the pyramid is only accessible by swimming. [2a]


An inscription on the Monument of the Moon tells of a series of battles between Lizardmen from Tlaxtlan, who appear to be a sacred Host of Tzunki and Warriors of Chaos around 1300 IC The final battle was on the Island of Sacrifices were the bones of the invaders were piled upto three feet in height. [1a]

Sacred Host of Quetzl