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A Cygor

The Cygor are a type of monster stemming from the Minotaurs, but have greatly diverged from their kin due to originated in the most Chaos-tainted realms of the Old World. Cygors resemble Minotaurs the size of Giants, but possess a single eye in the middle of their foreheads that can perceive the Winds of Magic.[2]

Having taken a different evolutionary path, Cygors are somewhat weaker than Ghorgons, and lack their efficiency and monstrous metabolism. Instead, they have forfeited their ancestors' vision in favor of seeing swirling Winds of Chaos through their single eye.[1] Through this, Cygors perceive the world as an indistinct real of ghostly shapes lit by currents of magic. A lifetime spent seeing these visions means that all Cygors are quite mad. Due to their blindness to most living creatures, Cygors struggle to catch prey and hunger constantly as a result. However, mages, witches, and magically-animated beings such as the Undead shine brightly to a Cygor, and the beasts seek to consume the souls of such people even more than they hunger for their flesh.[2]

Cygors are drawn to war by means of half-seen visions planted in their ghostly sight by the Dark Gods or powerful Bray-Shamans. In battle, they wield immense chunks of shattered Waystones, temples, and monoliths, as the magically-infused rock is the only nonliving material that they can truly perceive, and use them to indiscriminately smash their way through ranks of half-seen enemies.[2]

Even if the enemies are too far away to be engaged in melee, the Cygor can still reach them. While most Beastmen shun ranged combat entirely, Cygors often use their great strength to hurl great boulders at their foes with the power and efficiency of a civilised nation's stone thrower, the sorcerous targets allowing them to home in with surprising precision. Understandably, light scouts generally employed against war machines are useless against Cygors, being more of an entertainment than any real danger.[1]

However, a Cygor can be supremely dangerous without employing any of its famed strength. At a certain range, it can interfere with the flow of Winds of Magic, whereas the already unpredictable magic becomes downright dangerous to use, usually tame combinations leading to the dreaded miscasts, taking a considerable toll amongst the enemy wizards. And finally, should the mage be skillful enough to resist, he or she might try to obliterate a Cygor with the working sorceries... only to find it stubbornly rebound the spell, completely unharmed by the process.[1]

A Cygor's trail is conspicuous and easily identified. As they cannot detect obstacles in their way, they instead use their great strength to plow blindly through whatever they may come across. As such, a Cygor's passage through the woods leaves a trail of uprooted trees and trampled growth, winding randomly through dense terrain.[3]