Darkness Rising

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Darkness Rising
Darkness Rising cover.jpg
Author(s) Phil Kelly, Anthony Reynolds
Editor(s) Matt Ralphs
Cover Artist Adrian Smith
Released 2005
ISBN 978-1-84416-209-3

Darkness Rising is a background book written by Matt Ralphs, published by Black Library.

It gives a history of the Storm of Chaos in the Warhammer world.


  • Authors Introduction
  • Chapter One: Archaon, Lord of the End Times.
  • Chapter Two: The Holy Sigmarites of the Empire
  • Chapter Three: The Conclave of Light
  • Chapter Four: The Eastern Front
  • Chapter Five: The War in the North
  • Chapter Six: The Mustering
  • Chapter Seven: The Siege of Middenheim
  • Epilogue: The Empire Reels


Like a number of other Black Library publications such as The Empire at War it is also a book in the warhammer world in this case written by Professor Frederich Weirde following the events of the book.

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