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Drazhoath the Ashen is the master of the Black Fortress and the Legion of Azgorh. [1]

He ia also a Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut. [1h]

He is mighty Chaos Dwarf sorcerer who rides to war atop the Great Taurus, Cinderbreath. [1]


He had been exiled to the Black Fortress, a victim of the brutal politics of Zharr-Naggrund when a minor hell-smith but over the years, his magical power and engineering skill grew and grew. [1h]

By 2510 IC he had been the lord of the Black Fortress for several centuries when he and his garrison was confronted by the horde of Tamurkhan who sought passage through to the Border Princes and then on the Empire. He led his powerful army to battle the vast mass of Chaos initially inflicting heavy casualties on the humans and ogres sent against him but as his supply line was cut and his guns began to fall silent, the line was assailed by Chaos Knights and Mammoths forcing him to retreat to the fortress itself. [1a]

In the subsequent pause, he received Sayl the Faithless as an emissary of Tamurkhan who conveyed the offer to join them in attacking and pillaging the Empire. He accepted the offer, looking to gain glory, status and plunder as well as information on the technology of the west. Initially he desired that the horde destroy the Black Orcs that were infesting the mines at Ghulaktha which they brutally achieved after much bloodshed, the second agreed task was the defeat of the Dragon Omdra the Dread, her kin and minions, which was also completed, but at great cost to the horde and the Legion. These tasks accomplished, Lord Drazhoath joined the invasion as an ally leading a full third of the entire Legion of Azgorh]]. [1a]

The horde plunged into and through the Border Princes, shattering any and all resistance with Drazhoath sending several slave caravans back home, laden down with plunder. As they lingered in the pillaging of the region, the invaders were struck by a powerful hurricane making Black Fire Pass impassable and it was Drazhoath who discovered an alternative way through the Black Mountains in salvaged books and maps. [1b]

During the battle to force their way through the huge Night Goblin army that confronted them in Winters Teeth Pass, Drazhoath and his warriors saved the life of Sayl, at no little cost and he made him swear to repay that debt. [1c]

Entering the Empire, Drazhoath's artillery proved themselves once more in the destruction of the defences of Pfeildorf‎‎, shattering the gatehouse in a single salvo. [1d] However the discovery that the city was not in fact Nuln angered many in the horde including Drazhoath who had expended considerable machinery and munitions in its destruction and demanded recompense. Tamurkhan gave them leave to take the nearby town of Dakarhaus which they swiftly did in a single night recreating it as a base of operations and slave stockade, the temples re-dedicated to Hashut. [1e]

As the horde finally regrouped and advanced upon Nuln, Drazhoath led his legion in one of three great columns, but made sure a garrison was left in Dakarhaus to provide line of retreat. As the horde was bombarded by the Imperial artrilley, the Chaos Dwarfs began their own counter bombardment and soon a intense duel of firepower began with the famous gunners of the Artillery school of Nuln proving formidable opponents. [1f]

The day advanced and the mass of combat interposed itself between the two great formations of artilley. Drazhoath now pulled his Dwarfs back to repair, regroup and redeploy, not wishing to lose any more resources in the ongoing battle. As they moved to new positions, they were attacked by four Marienburg class Landships and their cavalry escorts. The ensuing battle devastated both forces and whilst only a single Landship limped away, the remaining Chaos Dwarfs were in no state to pursue having suffered huge losses. [1g]

As the battle began to turn against the forces of Chaos, Drazhoath ordered his remaining forces to retreat from the field. [1g]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition Cinderbreath, Daemonspite Crucible, Graven Sceptre, Hellshard Amulet. [1h]
  • Daemonspite Crucible: Said to be the handiwork of Azgorh himself, it increases the wearer’s magical potency and can drain the souls of enemy wizard s to increase that further. [1h]
  • Graven Sceptre: A iron staff-mace inscribed with the runes of masters of the Black Fortress and prayers to Hashut[1h]
  • Hellshard Amulet: Made by Drazhoath himself, the amulet contains and amplifies his icy malice, protecting him and smiting others. [1h]



This ambush, it was ill-done. Cunning, but botched in its execution, had the tables been turned, and it had been my forces in such a superior position, not a soul of the horde would now be left alive.

~ Drazhoath to Sayl.[1c]


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