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Durthu is the eldest Treeman Ancient of Athel Loren.[1b]


He recalls a time when the Elves did not dare walk within his forest.[1b]

After the War of the Beard and Elves began to live in Athel Loren, a band of Dwarf explorers found their way to his glade, felling many trees and even taking the axe to him thinking he was nothing more than a especially large oak. Durthu still retains scars from that incident and it drove a burning hatred of any outsiders.[1b]

Over the millenia, this hatred has faded but he spends more time awake than the other elder treemen, waiting for a foe to show itself. [1b]

When the Lichemaster Heinrich Kemmler inflitrated Athel Loren in 2497 IC, seeking to raise the dead from a ancient barrow complex, the renegade Branchwraith Drycha was forced to sing him from slumber to combat the Necromancer at the Battle of the Cairns.[1a]


  • 6th Edition: Tree Singing (Bound Spell).[1b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Unburden of Thieflings.[1b]
  • Unburden of Thieflings: He is infested by kleptomaniac Spites who will swarm over any enemy, using their razor sharp claws against them.[1b]