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The Dwarfs are an ancient race, although not quite as old as the Elves. They make use of highly advanced technology including superb armour and powerful war machines. They are masters of the forge and metal working, making use of many minerals and metals that few other races even know of. They live in a highly structured society centred around their vast underground Keeps and mines in the World's Edge Mountains. They are under constant attack from Orcs, Goblins and Skaven and have a long history fighting them. In close combat, Dwarfs are more than a match for most other creatures and they tend to prefer combat to ranged attacks and wild magic, making use instead of runic magic which their Runemasters wield with extreme dexterity and ability.

Currently, the Dwarf way of life is under threat as more and more of their major Keeps fall to attacks from foreign enemies and the ancient sagas are sung in the half empty halls of the few surviving keeps. They trade the raw materials and finished goods for food and other goods they cannot easily acquire. The skills of the Dwarfs at working materials have not, however, fallen like their empire, meaning that their goods will attract a high price. Good farming land is scarce, and Dwarfs do not make good farmers, but they are enthusiastic hunters and often feast on the meat of beasts they have killed while roaming the mountains around them. Generally grain and fruit are brought into the mountains by traders and given metalwork and gold in return.

Dwarfs are also famous for their ale. It is so nutritious that they can survive on it for weeks and stored in vast quantities in huge warehouses, each keep being proud of their efficacy and flavour. They can also make 'rock bread', a tough mixture of wild grain and crushed rocks, but this, according to the Dwarfs, requires a lot of ale to wash down properly.

History of the Dwarfs

The Dwarfs have a long and glorious history involving a good deal of fighting and war as well as amazing technological advancements and powerful alliances and peace treaties. These are shown in the Dwarf Timeline.

Society of the Dwarfs

The general principle of Dwarf society is that of three things: age, wealth and skill. The more of these that you have, the higher you are in the scale of Dwarfdom. Dwarfs never boast of their family achievements, more accurately they set the record straight and proclaim their ancestors' greatness by their wealth and skills.

The other major part of Dwarfism is their beards. They are immensely proud of them and attempt to never cut or trim them, and the Dwarf with the longest beard is usually seen as the leader. One of the greatest insults to a Dwarf is to take off their beard, as the High Elves did to the Dwarf ambassadors sent to attempt to preserve peace, thereby initiating the War of the Beard.

Dwarfs have an affinity for the past and constantly seek to remember their fore bearers by repairing and maintaining their products. All Dwarfs know how to reforge an ancient blade and are constantly trying to incorporate ancient relics into their newer works.

They also enjoy hoarding their hard earned treasure and gold. When a Dwarf dies, his wealth goes to his family and so passed down the generations. This process ensures the memory of the dead and secures a Dwarf's supply of money for a more desperate time. Often a Dwarf will measure his security by how far off the ground they are when they sit on their treasures. Often the supplies of the stronghold itself are so huge as to be a massive attraction to Orc and Goblin hordes willing to take the risk of death to gain huge amounts of gold.

Dwarf society is also based around honour, centered around the bond or promise. A Dwarf will always keep a promise, even if it costs him to do it. A Dwarf will even honour an ancestor centuries ago. Dwarfs also expect others to keep their word and seek out recompense for oathbreakers.

Anatomy of the Dwarfs

Dwarfs are short, very short. This is sometimes a point of humour for other races, although said directly to a Dwarf will often end in pain for the offender. As such, they have large muscles and support a stumpy, squat body and this means they are often out of the reach of any other swordsman, and such would be disadvantaged. Their use of the axe as their primary weapons means they can get into combat more easily by using the axe as a shield until the last moment. They also tend to weigh a lot more than an equivalent human or elf. Their extra weight and lack of height means that few, if any, Dwarfs would even ride a beast, let alone a horse. Dwarfs occasionally ride in advanced Gyrocopters through the sky to attack their foes with a small cannon. Occasionally Dwarfs are mounted on Dwarf-drawn thrones if they are of sufficient rank and power.

Dwarfs do not use magic like the High Elves or Humans, but make use of tough Runemagic. This magic is closely related to their craftsmanship as they use their runes to aid their machinery. Most knowledge is passed down by word of mouth, although the most powerful runes are known to but a select few.

Dwarf Army List

The Dwarfs make use of large numbers of super tough infantry as well as highly advanced technology, including black powder weaponry and thick armour. They are analysed in the Dwarf Army List.

Dwarf Quotes

All quotes made by any members of the Dwarfs: Dwarf Quotes.