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[[Category: Grand Alliance of Order]]
[[Category: Grand Alliance of Order]]
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[[Category: Idoneth Deepkin units]]
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[[Category: Eidolons of Mathlann]]

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Idolised echoes of a bygone era, the Eidolons of Mathlann are summoned to life in times of dire need. These are no divine avatars, however, but collective manifestations of the ancestral souls of the Idoneth Deepkin, spirits of vengeance wrapped in an image of a lost aelven god. There are two known forms that which the Eidolens take. That of a raging storm and that of the sea.[1a]


Eidolons of Mathlann are spirit beings, apparitions summoned by the Idoneth Deepkin. It was Mathlann whom the predecessors of the Idoneth worshipped, yet it is no spark of the divine that creates the Eidolons, for Mathlann is dead. The god of the deeps was slain by Slaanesh even while trying to protect the souls that would one day be reformed into the Idoneth. The supernatural might of the Eidolons is not power drawn from a deity, but rather energies from the Idoneth’s past.[1a]

The Idoneth fear that when they die, their souls might be reclaimed by Slaanesh. Thus,when their physical shells expire, their spirits are interred in a living coral reef, or chorrileum. Each enclave guards at least one of these reefs, with the oldest factions housing the souls of Awakened. In times of need, the enclave’s leaders sanction the disturbance of the dead, and so an Eidolon is summoned.[1a]

Eidolons are formed from the combined energies of all those souls that can be roused from an enclave’s chorrileum. Each deceased aelf sends forth but a portion of their spirit, a tiny beacon of their own willpower visible only to the Idoneth or those with witch-sight. Bound together by need, the spirits form a gestalt of consciousness, a tangible personification of ancestral memories. It is an instinctive force, aiding the Idoneth Deepkin or striking out against their foes. There are two distinct incarnations in which an Eidolon of Mathlann might be summoned, each drawing upon a very different facet of the Idoneth Deepkin’s environment and collective psyche.[1a]

Should an Eidolon's power fail to prevail over the Idoneth's enemies then the souls lent to form it will be lost forever.[1a]

The Sea Taketh

There is a time for rage and revenge, a time when the darkest recesses of the mind are plumbed and something primal is unleashed. When an Eidolon of Mathlann is summoned in the aspect of the storm, it appears swelling like a tidal wave before crashing into the foe. Here is the power of the sea as destroyer, a manifestation of anger that has been pent up so long its release is unstoppable.[1a]

In this form, the Eidolon’s mere presence is enough to drench nearby Idoneth with a fierce urge to bring ruin to their enemies. Its spear – a mighty fuathtar – crackles with power, for it is a phantom weapon, composed wholly of energy, its blade honed by thousands of years of suppressed fury. In its other hand, the Eidolon wields a barbed crulhook, with which it snares foes before dragging them into the deeps. Up rises the living tempest, before swooping down, crashing and reforming to dive once more. As the waves bite away the shore, as the surf gradually pulverises the hardest rock, so does the Eidolon smite the enemy, relentlessly pounding them to oblivion and carrying away their broken bodies on irresistible rip currents. Active, violent, in this aspect an Eidolon is without remorse, instinctive and blind in its killing fury.[1a]

The Sea Bringeth

While the ebb tide takes away, none know what bounties the rising tide might bear. In the aspect of the sea, an Eidolon of Mathlann is more controlled than the rage-blinded aspect of the storm, more Isharann in nature than Akhelian. Yet this becalmed demeanour in no way suggests it possesses a lesser degree of power, in the same manner that a placid ocean surface belies the dormant energies that lie beneath. To gaze upon this aspect of the Eidolon is akin to standing on the edge of the abyss.[1a]

With a sweep of its deep-sea sceptre, an Eidolon in this form can summon cloying sea mists, concealing friends and confounding foes, and release golden energies into the currents of the ethersea to rejuvenate the Idoneth’s wounded. However, the Eidolon can turn its power to far deadlier purpose. Keening notes combined with gentle ripples of calm lull even the most bloodthirsty warriors, bewitching them into a mystic slumber from which they never wake. Waves of despair evoking the soul-crushing vastness of the open ocean leave the weak-willed helpless and fill the brave with paralysing doubt, while sudden whirls of terror amid the ethereal surf send mighty warriors fleeing for their lives.[1a]