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Elessa is a Scout of the Wood Elves from Athel Loren. [1]


She was born with an urge to wander and like other Windborn was given leave to explore the world beyond the forest for no more than a hundred years. [1]

After little more than a year, she heard word of the invasion of the north by Asavar Kul and that a human leader named Magnus was raising any army against him. It seemed like a great adventure and she crossed the Empire, finding the Imperial army camp she slipped inside and found the tent of the leader, offering her services as a Scout. Magnus accepted and she scouted for the army as they made their way north, confronting the horde in an epic and terrible battle at the gates of Kislev. [1]

Elessa kept close to Magnus in the battle, taking part in the decisive charge that won the battle and slew Kul. [1]

She was with Magnus when he returned to Nuln, receiving a hero's welcome but increasingly found the noise and bustle of the city tiring and looked to move on. [1]