Empire (Novel)

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Schwert, Pergament & Sanduhr.jpg This article is about the novel.
For other uses of Empire, see Empire (Disambiguation).
Author(s) Graham McNeill
Cover Artist Jon Sullivan
Released 2009
Preceded by Heldenhammer
Followed by God King

Empire is the second volume of the Sigmar Trilogy by Graham McNeill, in the Time of Legends series.

Cover Description

Having driven back the orc invaders, Sigmar unites the tribes of men and founds the Empire. The fledgling empire grows, but its prosperity is not assured. The lands are still wild and untamed, and many enemies lurk in the forests and the mountains. When a Chaos invasion sweeps down from Norsca, the ensuing conflict tests the abilities of Sigmar and his chieftains to the utmost.

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