Empire In Flames (Supplement)

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Empire In Flames
Empire In Flames.jpg
Author(s) Carl Sargent, Jim Bambra, Graeme Davis, Phil Gallagher, Derrick Northon
Editor(s) Mike Brunton
Cover Artist John Blanche
Illustrator(s) Martin McKenna, Paul Bonner, Maz Shepherd
Released 1989
Pages 151
ISBN 1-872372-08-2
Preceded by Something Rotten in Kislev (Supplement)

Empire In Flames (Supplement) is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition). It is a sixth and the last Book in The Enemy Within Campaign. There travellers save the Empire itself.


  • Introduction
  • Starting the Adventure
  • To Talabheim and Altdorf
  • Death in the Afternoon
  • A New Emperor?
  • A Very Important Visitor
  • To the World's Edge
  • Karak-Kadal and The Shrine of Sigmar
  • The Hidden Valley
  • Towards Kadar-Khalizad
  • Terrors in the Darkness
  • Back to the Empire
  • The Empire at War
  • The Final Evil
  • Heroes of the Empire
  • Profiles
  • The Hammer of Sigmar
  • Sheeraragetru the Daemon