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The Everqueen Alarielle

The Everqueen is one of the two joint rulers of the High Elves, seen by them as the symbol and incarnation of their mother-goddes Isha. [1a]

Unlike the Phoenix King, the Everqueen is always the Queen of Avelorn [1a] and the current Everqueen is Alarielle. [1c]

She and the Phoenix King are the rulers of Ulthuan. The court of the Everqueen lies deep in the forests of Avelorn although she is ritually crowned at the Shrine of the Earth mother on the Isle of Rebirth to the north of the Isle of the Dead in the Inner Sea. [1b]

The Everqueen holds a ritual year-long marriage to the Phoenix King and their first born daughter, the Everchild, will inherit her position. Afterwards both can take other consorts. This maintains the matriarchal line, stretching back to when Ulthuan was ruled only by the Everqueens, before the Coming of Chaos. Those who would be her consorts are often tasked with hunting down the creatures that inhabit the darker parts of her realm such as Giant Spiders. [1c]

The Queen and the king have in the past disagreed on policy, forming powerful factions. [1c]

Decree of the Everqueen

With the Phoenix King Caradryel she issued a proclamation seeking to prevent other High Elves interfering with other races. Despite many elves in modern times considering this obsolete, Alarielle maintains that her ancestors decree is still law. [4a]

You shall not alter the destinies of sentient species untainted by Chaos.

~ The Everqueen. [4a]

Becoming the Everqueen

There are hundreds of rituals the Everchild must undergoe to fully become the avatar of Isha and not completing them can risk madness as the power of the goddess flows into her. [2a]

Champion of the Everqueen

One elf is nominated to be the chosen champion of the Everqueen, acting as her consort and protector and the only male to be allowed to bear arms in her presence, save during time of war. It is the dream of young males across Ulthuan to be chosen as her Champion and they seek to win favour in her eyes. [5b]

In the reign of Alarielle, Tyrion is her chosen Champion. [5b]


Since the reign of Yvraine, [5a] the Everqueen is attended upon and guarded by the Handmaidens of the Everqueen, also known as the Maiden Guard.[1c]

The line of Queens

Only a handful of the queens are known.


She is a living goddess, a spirit, a power that passes from one host to another. I am a vessel. She is the power that flows into me. When one vessel dies, another must be found.

~ Alarielle to Tyrion.[2a]

Hail bright flower of the goddess, chosen of Isha. Dawn's hope and heart's home; the glory of Ulthuan shines in your eyes.

~ Paean to the Everqueen. [3]

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