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A group of Executioners.

The Executioners of Har Ganeth are members of the Cult of Khaine, Lord of Murder. [2a]

Cult of Khaine

In the cult's hierarchy they come after the Witch Elves, brides and priestesses of Khaine. However even a Witch Elf can be punished and sacrificed if she is found wanting.[3a]

They are specialists in sacrificing people, be they High Elves, humans, Dwarfs, or otherwise. They usually don't torture their victims but strike them down with a draich, a two-handed weapon, in one swift stroke, maximized for releasing as much blood as possible. They are masters of killing in a single blow, be it decapitation, heart strike or disembowlment.[4a]


They were originally the city guard of Har Ganeth, the spritual hear of the worship of Khaine in Naggaroth. Follwoing a great victory over a High Elf army that attacked the city, thousands of prisoners were beheaded as sacrifices to the God of Murder and the guards who carried out this bloody work were aclaimed and found a regular place in the society. They became simply known as the Executioners of Har Ganeth.[3a]


  • Tullaris: current captain of the Executioners, a most merciless, ruthless and feared leader.[3a]

Weapons and Equipment


A Draich is a two-handed weapon, normally a sword or axe. It is the weapon of choice of the executioners in battle. The word 'Draich' represents the act of execution and the skill of the wielder and doesn't mean a particular type of weapon. The weapon of Tullaris is the magic sword used on the day of the founding of the executioners. Its literal translation is "execution". Each Executioner forges his own Driach blade in the Great Temple to Khaine. [3a]

  • 4th Edition: Double Handed Axes and Heavy Armour, may have a Magical Standard. [1c]
  • 6th Edition: Driach (Great Weapon) and Light Armour, may have a Magical Standard. May be led by a Driach-master, Musician and Standard Bearer. [2b]
  • 7th Edition: Driach (Great Weapon), Hand Weapon and Light Armour, may have a Magical Standard. May be led by a Driach-master, Musician and Standard Bearer. [3b]

They have never lost their banner in battle and it show Khaine in his aspect as Executioner with the Rune Thalui - which means vengeance or hatred. [1a]


The ritual armament of the Executioners has been retconned. Formerly armed with two-handed great axes [1b] they currently wield two-handed weapons called Driach.[2b]




The elite warriors of this city are the Executioners, and they are foremost amongst the warriors of the Witch King. Always ensure you deal well with the lords of Har Ganeth, for no Druchii wishes to feel his neck caressed by their deadly blades.



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