Fasir al-Hashim

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Fasir al-Hashim was a Arabyan chieftain of the Bani-al-Hashim. [1a]


A handsome young man with a brilliant, if a little mad smile. [1a]

He was hot-headed and reckless - traits considered as virtues in the tribe, but not always the best for a leader. [1b]


He was born around -1310 IC [1a], the only son of the chieftain. [1b]

In -1285 IC, he and his warriors were lured into attacking a trade caravan actually filled with archers and with a detachment of cavalry trailing them. Fasir and many others had their horses killed and he would have died if not for the intervention of a lone warrior riding with another bandit group, Ubaid. When asked what he would want as a reward, Ubaid asked only to be able to ride with the Bani-al-Hashim. [1a]

Over the next twenty-five years Ubaid became a valued advisor and councillor to Fasir especially given his knowledge of the Lahmian military. [1b] Other young chiefs of the tribes admired Fasir but he had little poltical influence due to the small size of his tribe. [1c]

In -1265 IC he travelled with Ubaid and his tribe to a great gathering of the tribes on the Golden Plain. [1b]

By -1240 IC he was wealthy and powerful, his tribe now the strongest and most feared on the plains. [1e]

When -1200 IC Ubaid, Fasir and warriors of the Bani-al-Hashim intercepted the vampire Zurhas and his escorts travelling from Lahmia to try and forge an alliance with Nagash, Ubaid revealed his true name and heritage to Fasir. [1f] King Alcadizzar united the great cities of Nehekhara and marched on Lahmia, joined on the Golden Plain by the warriors of the desert tribes under Fasir who had been proclaimed Prince and leader of them all by the Daughter of the Sands, Ophiria. [1g]


Look you the marks upon his belt. Fifty men, dead by his hand! He has earned the esteem of my people and has shed his own blood on our behalf many times. Indeed, he has saved my life not once, but three times. Of course, he still rides like a soft-arsed city dweller, but no man is perfect, eh?

~ Fasir. [1d]


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