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Father Decay

Father Decay, the Hand of Nurgle, Lord High Admiral of the Plague-Fleets, is a Great Unclean One and a lord of the Court of Ruination. [1]


A vast be-monocled entity with seven great antlers, he is often to be found atop his palanquin, carried by hundreds of mutilated souls. He wears befouled robes of state from which infected flesh bulges out, a metal chest plate decorated with agricultural designs and a rusted bronze gorget. He also wears a battered monocle. [1]


He lured a number of Stormcast into the Garden of Nurgle and confronted them at the Inevitable Citadel [1]


'Welcome, Garradan, welcome. Long have I desired to meet the soul who ran Bolathrax to his doom, and banished poor Pupa Grotesse. Both of them dear friends, it must be said. Brothers of boil and bubo, if not blood. Still, bygones, eh?

~Father Decay to Gardus Steel Soul.[1]