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Fire Bogs

Fire Bogs

The Fire Bogs are the remains of the territory of Chupayotl in Lustria. [1a]

Taking their name from the wild magic that often bursts upwards in geysers of fire, they extend from the jagged cliffs where the city once was and deep into the continent. Ruins of the outer barrios can still be seene, the stone scarred with scorch marks. [1a]

Flora and Fauna

Salamanders use it as a favoured breeding ground [1a] whilst Giant Rats and other mutated creatures can be found in the bogs. [1a]


After the city was suddenly lost to the sea, this caused a violent disruption of the Geomantic Web, unleashing wild magic across the nearby land. Lord Mazdamundi was able to bring it under control with the aid of various stelae errected. [1a]