Foot Squire

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A Bretonnian Foot Squire.

Foot Squires are the flower of Bretonnian peasantry, they act as elite infantry, proving their worth and skill towards their lord.


Squires are the peasant elite, armed and armoured to a far greater extent than any other low born Bretonnian, they are chosen from the youngest and fittest of a Lords retinue, and are the most skilled fighters of all the Knights's men. Their main task is to look after the Knight's armour, warhorse and supervise his feudal domains, pursuing brigands and keeping watch for intruders. Squires are also effectively errand boys for their Lord, fulfilling menial or unsavory tasks that their masters would prefer to delegate. Yet in battle they fight with every ounce of skill and ferocity that their training has given them, using their two-handed blades to cleave through all foes in the name of The Lady, Bretonnia and personal glory.

The greatest known Squires are the Beastslayers of Bastonne.


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