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Father Frederico was a Priest and Inquisitor of the Cult of Myrmidia in Estalia. [1a]


He wears red robes and stands with back absolutely straight and is often scowling but never smiling. [1a]


He was sent to clense the city of Mordheim of the taint of Chaos after its destruction by the comet accompanied by Don Guillermo Cardonzo and his men. [1a]


He could invoke Darts of Myrmidia's Vengeance and Flames of Purity. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Mordheim: Staff. [1a]


Today we go to spread the word of Myrmidia to the heretic. Those who repent will be offered absolution. Those who turn a deaf ear to our holy cause will be sent into the afterlife, their souls unsaved. Either way, never falter in our cause, and never doubt that we do the will of Myrmidia. You have the complete backing of the Church in this holy mission, and those who fall will have the adssurance that our god will be with us in the afterlife.

~ Father Frederico.[1a]