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Ghouls (for the Mordheim game)

Ghouls are the degenerate descendants of humans who were reduced to cannibalism. Generation after generation they descended deeper into inhumanity, the acts of each generation leading to even graver acts of depravity.

Ghouls are utterly inhuman in their behavior, living off only the flesh of the dead. In form they are stooping and bestial with foul-colored skin. They have no real need of weapons as they have developed long claws which are encrusted with filth and disease.

Ghouls have arisen throughout the world. In the Old World in times of famine, the most ignoble of souls might turn to cannibalism to survive. The most isolated farms and villages have sometimes degenerated through this practice into ghouls. Entire hamlets of inbred folk have been put to the sword and the torch by The Empire's forces when their abhorrent curse was uncovered. As a result, Ghouls have literally been driven underground and make their abodes in catacombs, mausoleums and graveyards, where they can readily find food. The priests of Morr are dedicated to protecting the dead and often use witch hunters to purge the colonies of ghouls which have taken root.

Other places known for problems with Ghouls is the city-state of Tobaro with its large catacombs under the acropolis; Mordheim, the ruined former capital of Ostermark; and Marienburg where a villain dedicated to Khaine sold human flesh in a butchers shop, creating a growing population of Ghouls in the poorest quarters of the city.

The Ghouls are not undead creatures, but are often attracted to the armies of the Vampire Counts. Instinctively sensing the dark magic surrounding undead lords, they are drawn to vampires like moths to a flame. After the battle they make the battlefield a dining field.