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Giovanni Gottio

Giovanni Gottio was a renowned Tilean. [1]


He was short of stature, even compared to other inhabitants of the Tilean peninsula and was normally clean shaven. [1]


He had his nose broken in a fight with a Bretonnian poet over a woman. [1]

His career suffered a serious setback when he was commissioned by the Prince of Luccini, Lorenzo Lupo to paint his wife. So annoyed was the prince with the portrait he produced that had captured not only her beauty but also her more dangerous true nature (which the artist compared to a hungry mountain wolf), that he had it burnt. [1]

Months later and drowning his sorrows Gottio was approached by Mariato, a favourite of the lady Khemalla who wanted him to paint her own portrait. He was taken to one of the abandoned villas in the hills above Trantio where he completed his commission and discovered her true nature but also that she had been the patron and inspiration for some of the great masters of art for centuries. [1]


Haven’t you heard? The great Gottio doesn’t do portraits any more. He is an artist, and artists are supposed to show truth in their work. The trouble is, people don’t want the truth. They don’t like it. That fool Lorenzo Lupo certainly didn’t, when he commissioned the great Gottio to paint a portrait of his wife.

~Giovanni to Mariato. [1]