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The Glotkin Model

Glottkin are a trio of powerful and highly favoured servants of the Chaos God Nurgle [1]

The brothers Glott were triplets born under dark omens in the World-that-Was who now serve Nurgle in the Mortal Realms. They have given their patron many victories including the defeat of Neferata during the Shambling Wars but were struck down by the goddess Alarielle at the end of the Realmgate Wars. Annoyed, Nurgle flung them into a prison but eventually let them free and now they once again have been sighted plaguing the realms.[1]

  • Ethrac Glott: A sorcerer with many arcane powers[1]
  • Ghurk Glott: Once tall and fair he is now a massive swollen monster who carries his siblings to war on his back.[1]
  • Otto Glott: The oldest of the three, a powerful warrior wielding a filth encrusted scythe. [1]