Golfo Naranja

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The Golfo Naranja is a wide bay in the mainland of Estalia. [1b]

It forms a wide basin, eight miles across, with a bluff headland at its north end and a long, lean spithead to the south. The depth of the bay has proved beyond measure and it remains deep right up to the steep beach. It shoreline is covered in verdant rainforest and thickets of spiny gorse and here grows the precious Flame of Estal. [1b]

Flora and Fauna

The Flame of Estal, a rare and precious orchid can only be found on the shores of the bay. [1a]


The botanist Salvadore Laturni was voyaging up the coast, collecting specimens when he was attacked by the Butcher Ship, the wreckage of his ship would provide the Reivers a clue to locate the cursed vessel. [1a]

The Fuega, the Rumour and the Safire' launched an attack on the Butcher ship, but the Fuega was almost immediately destroyed by a lucky shot to its magazine. The Lightning Tree joined the fight and eventutally Luka Silvaro managed to break the curse, throwing the amulet of the Tomb Prince into the depths of the bay. [1c]


It is north of the city-state of Aguilas, beyond Porto Espejo. [1a]