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Grand Alliance of Death

Across the Mortal Realms tendrils of pure necromancy creep forth with the inevitability of death as Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead, rises once again. An ancient evil, Nagash seeks utter dominion not just of Shyish, the Realm of Death, but all of the Mortal Realms. - Age of Sigmar faction guide.

The Grand Alliance of Death are the armies of undead and mortals that follow the dark commands of Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead. Their purpose is to kill the living imposing the order of the dead upon all the mortal realms, and not just Shyish, the Realm of Death. These armies are numberless, brought to undeath from tombs to the corpse-mounds of ancient battles. All types of undead creatures can be found under his service like the skeletal Deathrattle warriors, the rotting corpses of Deadwalkers and the spectral wraiths and shades that haunt the realms.[1][3]


  • Beasts of the Grave: Vast and terrible monsters that are kept alive by gales of dark magic, Zombie Dragons and Terrorgheists.[4]
  • Deadwalkers: The rotting hunting packs of Dire Wolves and hordes of mindless walking dead. [4]
  • Deathlords: Nagash, his Mortarchs and their bodyguards the Morghasts, powerful winged undead creations of bone and shadow. [4]
  • Deathmages: Masters of the dark art of Necromancy. [4]
  • Deathrattle: Deathrattle Kings and Queens oversee sprawling undead empires of skeletons. [4]
  • Flesh-Eater Courts: The Flesh-eater courts are cannibals trapped in horrific delusion of grandiose vision of nobility. They were once mortals that due to famine have submitted to the courts of madness of a Abhorrant Ghoul Kings and have since turned into Mordants.[2]
  • Nighthaunt: Tormented and bitter spirits that leave nothing but withered corpses in their wake. [4] They take a cruel delight in dragging innocent souls down into the underworld, dooming them to the same fate they suffer. [5]
  • Soulblight: Soulblight Vampires have a insatiable lust for blood with countless kings and queens across the Mortal Realms bearing this "curse".[4]

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