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Grand Alliance of Destruction

The Grand Alliance of Destruction are the armies of Gorkamorka that intent on absolute destruction.[1]


  • Aleguzzler Gargants: A type of Gargants, known both for their destructive impulses and for being permanently intoxicated on alcohol.
  • Beastclaw Raiders: Tribes of nomadic ogor followed by an unnatural winter that roam the realms seeking to satisfy their gluttony with massive amounts of meat.[4]
  • Bonesplitterz: The maddened orruk that hunt the great beasts of the mortal realms for the power of Gorkamorka they believe is bound within the creatures' bones.[3]
  • Firebellies: Ogors the worship Gorkamorka as the Sun-eater, emulating their gods ability to breath fire once he had taken a bit from the sun.[5]
  • Gitmob Grots: Cowards and back stabbers, the Grots prey mostly upon the weak, but when they gather in numbers they can be a dangerous foe to any that cross their path.[5]
  • Greenskinz: Cunning and brutal, the orruks rampage across the Mortal Realms eager for battle, uncaring of the nature of their adversary.[5]
  • Gutbusters: Nomadic empires of muscle and hunger, they move across the Mortal Realms to fill their bellies and obtain shiny plunder.[5]
  • Ironjawz: The biggest and most fearsome of all orruks that stand at the forefront of the Great Waaagh![2]
  • Maneaters: Ogor mercenaries, tried and tested warriors, paid in food, shiny trinkets, weapons and often outlandish costumes.[5]
  • Moonclan Grots: A type of deranged Grots that dwell in the subterranean regions of the Mortal Realms and pray to Gorkamorka and the Bad Moon.
  • Spiderfang Grots: The Grot worshippers of the arachnid aspect of Gorkamorka, they are more akin to the great spiders they ride to battle.[5]
  • Troggoths: Malformed children of Gorkamorka, these fearsome but small-minded beasts plague many regions of the Mortal Realms.[5]

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