Great Worm

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The Great Worms are gigantic creatures that dwell in the Amber Steppes of Ghur.[1] They come from the caverns beneath the Steppes and in the Age of Myth they were driven out of those depths by great rains.[1]

They crawl ceaselessly across the Steppes, devouring everything in its way. People of Ghur have made their way on to the back of the worms and over time raised cities and bastions there.[1].

Some steppe clans known as Vurm-tai nomads – worm-riders took to following the migration routes of the great worms and picking over what was left in their wake, or raiding the caravans that travelled to and from the worm-cities.[2]


According to the Skaven Vretch, there are at least ten great worms in the Amber Steppes.[1]