Grey Mountains

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The Grey Mountains are a large and high mountain range located between Bretonnia and The Empire.

They form a natural buffer zone between the two realms, belonging de facto to neither one. They are also a natural hideout for brigands, mutants, necromancers and tribes of Orcs and Goblins.

Beginning in the Vaults, the mountains slowly decline in height in their way northwards ending at the Gourieux gap.

Located in the mountains are the following features:

  • Karak Norn
a Dwarf stronghold
  • the Mound of Krell
once the final resting place of Krell, a ferocious Chaos champion
rumored to harbour a considerable faction of the Blood Knights, a Vampire bloodline
  • Axe Bite Pass
main trade route south of the Goreux gap
carefully guarded by the fortress of Helmgart and by the castle of Monfort
  • the Crooked Corridor
used by those unwilling the tolls of Axe Bite Pass
  • the Temple of Three Peaks

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