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Grey Vaults

The Grey Vaults is a netherworld between life and death where spirits of the dead wander. [1a]

It is a bleak world where a parched wind blows across withered heaths and rocky plains dotted with twisted trees standing against the empty lifeless sky where a dead sun hangs moitionless. There is at least one mighty range of mountains where a gateway to the realm of Morr can be found. [1a]


Sigmar entered here after he was poisoned by Gerreon, initially naked and alone but when confronted shadowy wolves, he wished for a sword and it manifested as did armour when he imagined it. He fought off the wolves but was then confronted by a horned warrior Daemon who overpowered him, but he was saved by another warrior who revealed himself to be his father Björn. [1a]

When they reached the mountains, a vast portal formed which attracted vast numbers of the lost souls, many in monsterous forms. There they were confronted by the soulf of the Norse warlord that Björn had just slain in battle and who was now a deamon. As an army gathered around the red daemon, he offered Björn the chance to return to the world of the living if he would stand aside and let him take the soul of Sigmar. [1b]

Björn refused and hundreds of fallen warriors of the Unberogen joined him to fight off the deamons and allow the king as his son to fight their way to the portal. [1b]

Lost Souls

Souls of the lost dead inhabit the realm, twisted into terrible forms and who are angered by the light and warmth of the living. [1b]