Grudge Thrower

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Grudge Thrower

Grudge Throwers are Dwarven stone throwing catapults, originally used to control the paths to the Karaks, Dwarven strongholds.

The name "Grudge Thrower" derives from the War of the Beard, where - furious at the Elven "betrayal - grudges" were carved upon the rocks by Dwarfs, before launching them towards their enemies.

This worked very well, and so the practice was kept in later wars against the Greenskins, Chaos, Undead and other enemies of the Dwarfs. In "younger" times grudge throwers - like all Dwarven war machines - were constructed without using wood, due to the Dwarfs' belief that wood was not a trustworthy material for any handicraft (especially not for crafting weaponry).