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Halflings are a race of small humanoids that live in a region of The Empire known as The Moot. They are roughly half the height of a fully grown man (hence Halflings) and are a peaceful and rustic folk, not naturally inclined to adventure or the ways of war. They have great fondness for the simple comforts of good food and drink, a taste which lends them a rather wide frame (though they are still delicate by comparison to Dwarfs). The Halflings do have their own Elector in the governing of The Empire, The Elder of the Moot, a position that currently lies with Hisme Stoutheart. On occassion, Halflings are known to go to war with the rest of the Imperial forces and usually serve either in a catering capacity (where their great fondness for culinary pursuits can be exploited) or else as trappers or scouts, for Halflings are adept at moving through undergrowth undetected.


Halflings are heavily inspired by the race of Hobbits in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, from their physical description through to their habits and abilities.