Hassan bin Naroun al-Asred

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Hassan bin Naroun al-Asred is a Arabyian merchant in Marienburg. [1a]


Short, wiry and hawk-faced, Hassan has a impeccably trimmed black beard and moustache and always wears a black or purple silk turban secured with a ruby-topped pin. [1a]


He has some limited magical knowledge and power having served as a wizard's apprentice. [1a]


He deals predominately in spices shipped from Araby but also more exotic substances from his homeland, even supplying several of the cities wizards with spell ingredients. [1a] His shop is protected by minor magical enchantments and four Enchanted Ropes that roam free at night. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP: Poisoned Dagger. [1b]


What you ask is clearly impossible. The Sultan himself has decreed that his spice is never to leave the shores of Araby, on pain of death to the faithless merchant who ships it. I will do what I can, but the price will be high. Return in two weeks.

~ Hassan. [1a]


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