Hell-Pit Abomination

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A horrific Hell-Pit Abomination.

ation is the greatest and most horrific monstrosity the Skaven of Clan Moulder have ever created. The creature is a mountain of misshapen flesh that moves in a rippling tide of unnatural spasms, writhing worm-like and using its many limbs to pull and drag its hideous bulk forward. Various mechanical bits, such as wheels, cogs, and fluidpumps have been grafted into the beast to ensure it moves at optimal speed and that the warpstone mutated growth agents are regularly injected into the beast's hyper-fast metabolism.[1]

A multitude of heads dart out of the lumpen mound of muscle and bone at the behemoth's fore. The heads that snake out are all vermin-like, but some glisten hairlessly, like unborn rat monstrosities. Many have eyes, but no few are blind, twisting and craning to catch the scent of prey, hissing and snapping at the air with razor-sharp incisors.[1]

In battle, an Abomination sent loose against the enemy is an unstoppable juggernaut. Many foes will flee from the unnatural sight of a Hell Pit Abomination long before the creatures gets close. With a horrifying slither and shamble, the creature propels itself across the battlefield, rearing up to a towering height before it hits the enemy line like a thunderbolt. Vast boulder-sized fists smash aside shield walls and send foes flying, while hungry jaws snap and greedily devour the broken victims. Once in combat the Hell Pit Abomination is relentless, dragging its bulk onwards to crush any in its wake. Hell Pit Abominations are notoriously hard to slay and there are accounts of the beasts visibly healing wounds, regrowing severed limbs and rising from the dead to attack again.[1]