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A Herdstone or Chaos Heart are single standing stones or circles of monoliths that are sacred to the Beastmen. [1a]

Most are hidden deep in the wilderness, at the dark heart of forests, the depths of cave networks or atop mountains. Minotaurs often become guardians of these shrines, rightly feared by the beastmen worshippers. [1a]

Sacred Site

Offerings are made here by the beastmen - leaving corpses, weapons, armour, captured goods and banners as a sacrifice to appease the gods.[1a]

Festivals and celebrations take place within and around the Herdstone and it is there that the flesh of slain chieftains are eaten in the Champion's Feast. [1a]

A Beastmen leader seeking to gather warbands to his banner will light a signal fire within the circle, whilst shamans throw hallucinogenic herbs onto the blaze. Carrion too is thrown onto the fire and over the next few nights the beastmen will be drawn to the sire, their leaders making their mark on the central stone. [1a]




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