High Elf Outposts

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The High Elf Outposts are spread across the world and provide the high Elves with the ability to keep a careful watch on their enemies and allies. [1a]

Map of the World showing the Outposts

Known Outposts

The realms, colonies & outposts of the High Elves
Realms of Ulthuan Eataine - Caledor - Tiranoc - Shadowlands - Chrace - Cothique - Yvresse - Ellyrion - Avelorn - Saphery
Nearby Isles The Isles - Isle of the Dead - Island of the Flame - Shifting Isles
High Elf Outposts & Colonies Arnheim - Citadel of Dusk - Fortress of Dawn - Gates of Calith - Tor Elasor - Tor Elithis - Tower of Stars - Tower of the Sun